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Test Specimen Required Report Method / Instrument
Anti Nuclear Antibody Serum 2 Days ELISA/ Microwell
Fluid Routine exam including counts and excluding microbiologic and biochemical examination Peritoneal / Pericardial / Pleural / CSF / Synovial Next Day Microscopic
Malaria Parasite/Microfilaria Blood Same Day Microscopy
Pregnancy Test Urine Same Day Paper Chromatography
Semen Analysis Semen Same Day Microscopic
Stool Occult Blood Stool Same Day Guaiac Method
Urine Bence Jones Proteins Urine Same Day Heat test
Urine BP (Bilirubin) Urine Same Day Fouchet Method / Strip / CLINITEK 500
Urine Ketones Urine Same Day Rothera’s Test / Strip/ CLINITEK 500
Urine Routine – except microbiological & biochemicals Urine Same Day Strip / Microscopic

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